Heirloom Flower Press, 8x10 with Brass Hardware | June & December


Inspired by years of forgetting which book had pressed pretties inside and having stacks of mismatched cardboard around the house, our Heirloom Flower Presses came to life.

Made from reclaimed Michigan wood, June & December designed these presses to look lovely on a shelf while they work to press your botanical specimens.

Available with steel hardware, or upgrade to brass. Each press is unique in character, finish + color. Includes assembly instructions, 7 reusable specimen separators + instructions.

More about the Makers: 

We founded June & December in 2014 with an adventurous spirit and the idea that the most memorable gifts have a meaningful story to tell. Named after the months our children were born, we believe we are storytellers at heart, and we strive to have our products do the talking. Whether one of our goods remind you of a recent nature hike, a memorable dinner, a color on a cool spring day, or a fond childhood memory, we hope our stories connect with yours in a soulful way as we celebrate many of the shared moments that bring people together.