These handmade calligraphed potbelly mugs were a slow-living inspired collaboration effort with Grey Fox Pottery and Victoria Fiaretti. The "home sweet home" cozy essence of these farmhouse steins make any morning sweet and reminds us of all we are to be thankful for. My hope is that with every sip you take from these mugs, you are able to slow down and be present in the moment you are in. Pinch marks on the handle show the love and efforts that went into hand crafting every one. Lettering is etched and painted black.

Note from the artist: I can't even express how beautiful these are. They truly have to be seen in person to grasp all the character that they offer.

Text and hand drawn florals are etched into the clay and painted black.
12 oz mug with large handle

Made by Victoria Fiaretti, owner of MAKE IT SLOW