Folklore Candle ⋅ bergamot + hemp

Folklore Candle ⋅ bergamot + hemp


Snuggle up and light a match, let the sophisticated aroma of citrus, musk, and earthiness open you up to share your tales. - scent notes: bergamot, lemon peel, hemp, cedar, musk | infused with natural essential oils: geranium, patchouli, vetiver Our eco-luxe candles are handcrafted with a base blend of renewable, vegan, all-natural coconut wax, a lead + zinc free cotton wick, + phthalate-free fragrance made from pure essential oils hand-poured in small batches. - Burns for 40-50 hours | 9 oz


About the maker: 

At SLOW MADE, we know that a scent goes far beyond just a smell; it's a memory that has the ability to take you back.

Our mission is to help you create new memories and remember the old. SLOW ◡ MADE is an organic and natural way of living, a connection with yourself, those around you, and nature