From the maker:

The traditional rolling pin: although they're mass produced around the world, most kitchens do not have a proper rolling pin. Our handmade pieces of functional art tell a different story. We have taken the iconic look and updated it with beautiful woods from my parents' farm in Tennessee. The grain of the different woods makes them an easy sell for anyone who likes to bake (or a gift for anyone who likes to bake). I

All of our wooden kitchenwares are handmade by a small family-owned business in rural Tennessee. It's a learned tradition, handed down from father to son and spans multiple generations. The vast majority of the pieces come from locally-sourced trees (often from my parents' farm), but every so often a more exotic piece of wood comes along and I get something from it.

This rolling pin will make you want to bake. 



Ambrosia Maple

18 inches long (including handles)