Letterpress Cards | Everyday Celebration Pack

Letterpress Cards | Everyday Celebration Pack


Stock up and have a card for every occasion! This everyday celebration letterpress bundle includes 8 various greeting cards. Perfect to have on hand to celebrate the people you love. Printed in letterpress on our 1904 Chandler & Price printing press with rubber ink, this card is sure to "impress." ;)


This order includes:

8 - 5x7 card printed with letterpress various greeting cards including:

"I really really love you"

"Congratulations this is a big deal"

“For this child we have prayed" at the top of the card and on the bottom "and the Lord answered my prayer 1 Samuel 1:27"

"Wishing you a happy birthday"

“I love you, Mom.”

“You are my favorite"

“You are the best, Dad"

Blank inside

Matching envelope