Individually designed, hand-turned, and some even hand-carved by our own Donovan Fiaretti...these one-of-a-kind hardwood vases are a beautiful addition to any home. 

Each vase is made by hand, intentionally for our Make It Slow community to have and hold for a lifetime. Because of their handmade nature, they do require some care which should be considered below. 

This particular double breasted vase (Batch 1, Vase 15) is made of sustainably sourced cedar hardwood. Cedar has a beautiful aromatic scent to it which we do not mask when finishing. 

This piece is approximately inches tall. 

Shown with its sister vase 014.


  • Not watertight - please do not use these for fresh flowers with water. These vases are meant for holding dried botanicals. 
  • They are sealed with a beeswax + linseed oil finish. Please re-oil every 6 months to maintain the beautiful sheen that they arrive with. We recommend oiling with a similar oil, coconut oil, or cutting board oil.
  • Please do not use olive oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, or sunflower oils, as these can go rancid.