Journal Entry: Uprooting

Nov 4 2022  -  UPROOTING
Trust yourself enough to let go, shift, and uproot.  
Give yourself permission to shed who you used to be.  
You are allowed to start over and find new ways to bloom into your best self.  
 - Alex Elle
We have this incredible old maple tree behind our house that has probably lived here since before the house was built in the 1950s. The way it sits on our property perfectly frames the view from our kitchen window and back porch. In every season, she paints the most amazing views. But unfortunately, the ants and woodpeckers have done a number on her and she’s losing her strength. Sickness is spreading and if we don’t cut the tree down, it could spread to the rest of our trees, fruit trees and plants. With planting our first large flower crop this upcoming year, we can’t risk that sickness spreading to the new plants. With this new dream, we have to let her go.
There’s something profound about uprooting old things to make room for new growth. But it’s also really scary. We tend to hold on to what we know and find security in it, so the thought of newness, although exhilarating also comes with a lot of fear of the unknown.
Will it be better? Will I look like a fool? Will it work? Are we capable? 
Are we ready? Did we rush this decision? Are we really sure?
The fears can be paralyzing. Stifling. They can kill our dreams and our potential if we let them. They can make us stop uprooting, and instead choose to stay in what’s no longer best for us.
We have been opening all kinds of doors lately. So many new experiences full of love and adventure. But without closing some old doors, we can’t possibly maintain it all. So it’s taken an incredible amount of focus for us to really dive deep and discuss what we want our vision for our family to be. What is our purpose? What is our destiny? And are we focusing too much on the temporary things - the bills, the trends, the societal pressures, etc. - that we forget what we are truly working toward? Are we doing what we want? And most importantly, are we giving the world what we were made for? What WERE we made for?
We feel really excited about what we have discovered in the uprooting. On the other side of those hard questions and the mess from disheveling what our old dreams were - we have so much hope and excitement.
We have rich soil to work from. And behind the comfort of that pretty old tree framing our house, we now can witness the most incredible views and sunsets that I’ve always prayed to have in a home as a kid. God met our faith with His personal abundance and goodness. And it’s the perfect nudge for us to walk confidently into this next season. 
We hope that the changes in our business and life inspire you to chase the dreams in your own heart that might be hiding behind fears of the unknown. We hope through us bringing to light ours in vulnerability, it will give you courage to do the same. We believe our one life to live should be filled with purpose and intentionality to better the next generation and world. We trust that we all have a purpose and gifting to accomplish that, if we can just slow down enough to harness it.
Don’t go anywhere, friends. The best is yet to come.

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